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Hepatitis A, B, C
Herpes 1& 2t
HIV Antibody
HIV Early Detection

Urine Tests

Blood Tests

Hepatitis A

We use an IgM antibody test to screen for hepatitis A.

Hepatitis B

We use a test that screens for the HBsAg antigen to detect hepatitis B.

Hepatitis C

We use the hepatitis C Suraface Antibody test (Ant-HCV) to screen.

Herpes 1&2

We use an IgG antibody test to detect both herpes 1 and 2.

HIV Antibody

We use the 4th generation test to screen for both HIV antibodies and the HIV-2 p24 antigen.


We use rapid plasma reagin test (RPR) to start screening for syphilis. This test can be included with others.

HIV Early Detection

The HIV early detection test is recommended for anyone very recently exposed to HIV.

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